Management Consulting Division

This is a decision making process behind your product or services. If you are developing a completely new product, entering a new market segment, or simply correcting a problem in your current market, our strategies and techniques can help you effect the proper solution. This includes the activities of market research, marketing reports, market planning, market analysis, distribution, sales etc.

This is the actual sales activity and any phase of the selling problem. Suggested areas of examination might include personnel (selection, training, evaluation, motivation, compensation), distribution (areas, avenues, methods), sales programs, incentive programs, reps, distributors, dealers, retailers. Our wide-ranging experience may have just the right answer for your sales problems.

Whether the problem is planning, efficiency, scheduling, cost analysis, procurement, methods, personnel, quality control, production yield, supervision, or systems - we can help.

Any phase of administration can stand a clean, clear, unbiased appraisal to detect problems or even potential problems. Whether the problem is people, systems, facilities, or equipment - we can help. And more important, we can provide the TIME to define problems and effect solutions without disrupting operations or detracting from valuable management time required to operate the business.

We can provide great assistance in financial analysis, planning, funding, cash flow improvement, profitability, or resources management. For new concepts, business plans or market proposals for final presentation, utilize our considerable experience in packaging your ideas in the proper format for stockholders, investors, or institutions. For capital equipment acquisition or data processing applications, we can provide analysis without the "axe to grind" of an equipment or service supplier. For new or enlarged facility considerations, we provide analysis PLUS a valuable screen of confidentiality.

We do not function as design engineers, but our engineering oriented backgrounds permit us to get the "bottom line" on engineering problems. Whether the problem is program review, design evaluation, or new product development, we can provide fresh insight to your problems, without getting "snowed" by technology. We can translate the technical elements into genuine understanding.

Many times you may need some "heavy" talent for a short time or for a specific purpose without any long-range salary or financial commitments and expensive fringe benefit coverage's. An "experimental meeting" with our staff will allow you to examine any of these possibilities, and MANY others, without obligation.

Educational Training Division

Of all the resources a company can muster, one stands above the rest. PEOPLE! People are the most valuable resource in any company, and what you do with those people determines ultimate success. The training, motivation, and development of personnel is THE best investment a company can make. Our Educational Training Division is aimed specifically at the evaluation, motivation, and training of those people resources.

Every manager, whether first line supervisor or company president, manages people. The successful manager understands and competently manages behavior - behavior of people - the most valuable resource of your company. Our specialized techniques provide cogent communications, performance measurement, and critical feedback.

These "Dynamic Experience" Seminars, in which the people are directly involved through participation, role playing, etc., are designed to make your people more effective immediately and have a long lasting effect on their capabilities. These seminars have the dual effect of teaching professional skills to new personnel and putting forgotten skills back into effective use by experienced personnel and management. Areas involve Selling Skills, General Management, Leadership, and Human Relations.

In any organization, "people make the difference". But how do you determine the "difference in people"? If you are making an investment in people you need to know you're getting the best possible for your money. You can capitalize on strengths or correct weaknesses in you KNOW what your are working with. Unlike simple personality testing, our specific programs permit quantitative AND qualitative analysis of critical performance areas. Manpower Evaluation Programs are usually applied in conjunction with Behavior Management Programs and Dynamic Experience Seminars.